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Dental Cleaning

Because cats and dogs don't routinely brush their teeth and only 1% of owners will routinely do it for them; veterinary assistance is necessary most every time. We routinely clean the teeth on dogs and cats as plaque and calculus form, hopefully prior to the onset of Periodontal Disease.

The pet scheduled for drop off at the clinic and preanesthetic blood work is done to insure the pet's health is fine to handle the anesthesia that is neccessary to properly clean the teeth. Many pets who have their teeth cleaned as needed (usually on a yearly basis) never develop Periodontal Disease.

Periodontal Disease

The space between the tooth and the gum becomes filled with food and the forms plaque which supports bacterial growth and ultimately leads to calculus. The space becomes enlarged and a vicious cycle of infection, swelling and more enlargement ensues.

Preventing periodontal disease prevents potential heart and liver issues down the road as your pet ages.

The condition worsens until even the bone that supports the tooth becomes infected, often making it impossible to salvage the tooth during the cleaning and/or surgical procedure done in the clinic. Perhaps the most serious aspect of “Periodontal Disease” is that the infection (bacteria and toxins from bacteria) is carried by the way of the blood stream to major organs, especially the kidneys, liver, and heart where Nephritis, Hepatitis, and Endocarditis ensue.

Because the liver and kidneys are important in the detoxification of the anesthetic agents used commonly for dental procedures, we require a blood test to determine their health prior to the procedure.
If there is severe periodontal disease which requires a long surgical procedure, our attending veterinarian will start an I.V. drip which serves to maintain proper blood pressure throughout the procedure. With the use of a “Balanced Anesthesia” (small amounts of several different agents rather that large amounts of one), I.V. fluids, blood work assessment and proper equipment as well as technique, we are able to accomplish successful oral surgery on even our oldest and most high-risk patients.

There is an absolute direct-line in the relationship between longetivity and the dental condition of our beloved pets. The health of the mouth may be single most important factor in the overall health of dogs and cats.

Please make an appointment as soon as possible after you have discussed your pets dental condition with one of our doctors.

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