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Pet Allergy Treatment in Louisville, KY

If you suffer from allergies, you have an idea of how unpleasant they can make your pets feel too. Responsible pet owners who discover that their pet has allergy symptoms should arrange with their preferred veterinarian to conduct a thorough examination sooner rather than later.

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Common Pet Allergy Symptoms

As your pet cat or dog encounters allergens inside your home or when outdoors, you’ll get an indication of the problem when you take note of the symptoms. Typical pet allergy symptoms that we encounter in our animal clinic include:

  • Diarrhea
  • Scabs anywhere on the body
  • Runny eyes that appear to feel itchy on your pet
  • Skin that is red or moistened
  • Paw chewing
  • Skin licking
  • Sneezing

This is not an exhaustive list of pet allergy symptoms. If you’ve noticed other symptoms in your animal that you suspect are caused by allergens, please call our office to see what treatment options we can provide.

Sources of Pet Allergies in Louisville

A wide range of materials in Louisville can provoke an allergic reaction in your animal companion that you might not have realized could even cause a problem for dogs or cats, including:

  • Fleas
  • Mold spores
  • Perfume
  • Feathers
  • Smoke from cigarettes
  • Shampoo containing insecticide
  • Pollen (from sources including grass, trees, and weeds)

If you suspect that any substance is causing allergies, make sure to keep it away from your animal, at least until you’ve come in to see the vet for evaluation.

Treatment Options for Your Pet’s Allergies

Your vet in Louisville has a number of treatment options to help with your pet’s allergies. Job one should be to make sure your home is clean and that the air ducts have been inspected too since they can spread allergens throughout the building.

After a diagnosis of your pet to determine what’s provoking the allergic reaction, the vet will devise a customized treatment plan. There are also things you can do at home to improve the situation, such as:

  • Apply flea control products to your pet
  • Clean the pet’s bedding every week
  • Bathe your pet once a week (this cuts down on itchy sensations as well as getting rid of allergens picked up from the environment)
  • Try different foods based on the recommendation of your vet.
  • Give your pet a medication prescribed by the vet for treating allergies

Make an Appointment for Pet Allergy Treatment in Louisville Today!

When your animal companion is suffering from pet allergies, arrange for a consultation as soon as possible so our vet can determine the problem and make a diagnosis. We are proud of the caring, warm environment we maintain to help soothe each animal we treat.

If you have questions about possible allergies in your pet or would like to make an appointment for an evaluation by our vet, connect with Doerr Animal Clinic today.

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